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From our use of premium nutrients, to our 
hand harvesting and packaging techniques, 
every step in our process is extremely intentional.

Our growing style translates to high quality plants. 

Hydroponics: About Us

Water Use

Closed-loop hydroponics recirculates water from our tanks to our crops and back again. This process captures and reuses roughly 90% of the water that would otherwise be wasted in runoff, making it an incredibly sustainable method of farming.

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All of our customers are local to the Midwest, meaning our product doesn't come with a big carbon footprint from transporting our greens long distances.

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Vertical hydroponics allows us to maximize space and reduce our carbon footprint. Rather than use acres and acres of land, extracting valuable resources from the soil, we can maximize our space by growing upward.

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Less Worry

Our crops are never exposed to any  
soil or pesticides of any form, thus minimizing the risk of 
soil-borne pathogens.

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